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Edgar Degas, French Impressionist Master and Co-founder of the Impressionist Movement, was also a sketcher, sculptor and photographer. In 1872, Degas left Paris and traveled to his maternal family’s home in New Orleans where he resided from October 1872 – March 1873. During his stay he created 18 paintings, four drawings and five letters. While in New Orleans, Degas created a new style of painting, which he referred to as “better art”, thus motivating him to return to Paris in order to fulfill his ambition by co-founding the French Impressionist Movement of 1874 and beyond. Built in 1852, the House was occupied by the Degas/Musson family from 1869 to 1879. The place became neglected tenement houses until being restored and named the Degas House in 1995. It is now open to the public as a museum and for daily tours led by his descendants.

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