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Landmark Houses

accredited since 2011

From the house to the estate, from the castle to the apartment, from the museum to the studio, the Landmark Houses constitute an original heritage ensemble whose cultural value the French Ministry of Culture intends to promote.

Each house is distinguished by its architectural uniqueness, original layout or particular purpose (sometimes as a home, sometimes as a workplace). All offer an encounter with works of culture in the very place where they were conceived and designed.

The Landmark Houses celebrate personalities who have distinguished themselves in the plastic and visual arts, show business and musical creation.
They honor those whose work has contributed to the history of thought and literature, or to the development of science and industry.

The Landmark Houses label is awarded to houses that open their doors to visitors for more than forty days a year, and which are not primarily commercial in nature. It guarantees a high-quality cultural program (authenticity and originality of museographic content, regular organization of cultural events) and offers forms of visitor support adapted to everyone.

About us

A club is a “meeting”, a circle, an “association” of members with collective activities and common interests. A club helps to carry out a variety of activities in a disinterested way.

The Club of the Landmark Houses, under the sponsorship of the French Ministry of Culture, aims to help members maintain and improve the missions that earned them the label: conservation, enhancement, cultural offerings, mediation and reception.

The purpose of the Club is to propose and implement all means and actions to :

  • put Landmark Houses label holders in touch with each other, and encourage exchanges between them to create and develop a professional network,
  • publicize the Landmark Houses and their activities.

To this end, the Club provides :

  • Communication tools reserved for members to enable everyone to meet the label’s qualifying criteria: conservation, enhancement, cultural offer, mediation, welcome, and to share information: best practices, useful contacts, requests for help and advice, sharing of existing communications (editions, symposia, conferences, articles, audio, etc.).
  • Public communication tools, accessible to all, to create and relay information about the existence and activities of the Landmark Houses.
  • A community manager, whose mission is to animate, publish and plan production to develop the Landmark House label, and to evaluate its effectiveness. He or she will monitor content and alert the association’s board members to any breaches of ethical rules.

The Club of the Lanmark Houses is open to all cultural, historical and heritage establishments that have been awarded the Landmark House label by the French Ministry of Culture.

The Club will be what we make of it. Everyone can contribute at their own pace and within their own means, whether as a simple reader or as a contributor.

The Club’s founders :

Jean-François Bourasseau, General Secretary of the Musée National Clemenceau de Lattre in Mouilleron-en-Pareds, which comprises the two birthplaces.

Pierre-Yves Mahé, Director of the Spéos photography school, which runs the Maison Nicéphore Niépce in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes.

Consult the statutes of the Club of the Landmark Houses (in French)