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The Club of the Landmark Houses

The Club of the Landmark Houses (Club des Illustres - French label) brings together over 250 Landmark Houses dedicated to the greatest figures in political, scientific, religious and artistic history.

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Interactive map

Discover the interactive map to locate the Landmark Houses.


Browse the directory of the Landmark Houses.

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Join the association as a representative of a Landmark House.

Discussion forum

As a Landmark House member of the Club, you have access to the national and regional discussion forums (in French).

A label from the French Ministry of Culture

What is the

“Landmark Houses” label?

The Landmark Houses label was created on September 13, 2011. Through this distinction, the French Ministry of Culture wishes to highlight places whose vocation is to preserve and pass on the memory of men and women who have distinguished themselves in the political, scientific, social and cultural history of France.

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The Interactive Map of the Landmark Houses

IMPORTANT: this card is managed directly by the French Ministry of Culture.
Updating the information on this map is the sole responsibility of the Ministry, not the Club of the Landmark Houses.

The Guide

of the Landmark Houses

A first national guide was published by Editions du patrimoine in spring 2017 and reissued in 2018, including new labelled houses.

This book is available in bookshops and most Landmark Houses, or can be ordered from Editions du Patrimoine.

Order the Guide of the Landmark Houses (in French)

Discussion forum

As a Landmark House member of the Club, you can join the discussion forum set up by the Club (in French). This will give you access to exchanges between Landmark Houses, both nationally and regionally. Not only can you create your own discussion topics and exchange views with your peers, but you can also consult commercial offers and job vacancies.

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Music is perhaps the only example of what might have been had it not been for the invention of language, the formation of words, the analysis of ideas and the communication of souls.

Marcel ProustWriter

What is needed above all for peace is understanding between peoples. We know what diets are: things that pass. But people don't go away.

Charles de GaullePolitician

In reality, we no longer know anything, we are no longer sure of anything. When you look at the works of the ancients, you really don't have to be clever.

Auguste RenoirArtist Painter

There's nothing illogical like accidents. They have no connection with each other, and we can't, as we would like, take advantage of one to mitigate the other.

Jules VerneWriter